Chromatics may be but a pleasant memory, but ethereal vocalist Ruth Radelet is announcing her debut EP, The Other Side (out October 7th), with a gorgeous video for her single, “Stranger.”

Ruth’s beautiful voice takes center stage in this next chapter of her artistry, showcasing her timeless voice and classic take on songwriting.  This is a much different vibe than her previous incarnation – an introspective, dreamy exploration of the Self as life throws hurdles in your way.

The moody black and white video, directed by James Manson, shows a solitary journey in a convertible throughout the streets of Los Angeles over the course of a dark night…and perhaps one of the soul. She drives past neon signs, seedy districts, familiar locations, and lovely landscapes straight on until the dawn. A lovely metaphor for healing.

Watch the video for “Stranger” below:

The Other Side represents my coming out the other side of a traumatic experience, gathering what I could from Before and figuring out how to exist After,” Badelet says. ‘This record was forged in the fire of a transformative two-year period during which I lost almost everything, including my father who was a huge influence on me. Most of the songs were written just before I was caught up in a storm of big changes, and they were all finished just as life started to feel sweet again. Though it’s a melancholy record, for me The Other Side is a step into a bigger and brighter future.”

Her former outfit, Chromatics, has been used in numerous films, television series, ad campaigns and fashion shows, as well as appearing in the famed Roadhouse on multiple episodes of Twin Peaks: The Return. Ruth was recently featured on a Chromatics remix of the Weeknd’s #1 hit single, Blinding Lights.

The Other Side is out on October 7th.


  1. “Stranger”
  2. “Sometimes”
  3. “Crimes”
  4. “Be Careful”
  5. “Youth”
Ruth Radelet by Jake Bottiglieri

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