Florida synth-pop act Midi Memory has unveiled the video for its shimmering one-off single “All The Way Out”, the first new music to follow the project’s debut album Sensory Overload, which was released in December of last year.

Midi Memory is the more electronic-music driven project helmed by Matt Messore of Cathedral Bells. The music evokes a melange of post-punk influences drawing upon classic and modern darkwave and synthpop, similar to the sounds of Black Marble, Molchat Doma, and OMD, while feeling fresh, unique, and escaping the confines of a direct one to one comparison.

The interplay of light and dark sounds emanating from Messore’s layered minimal synth compositions and mesmerizing drum loops are like iridescent light bouncing off of the cavernous depths of nostalgia

The new song “All The Way Out”, mixed by Trey Frye of Korine, is wrapped in bittersweet joy and romance, and is the perfect kind of coldwave to warm an icy heart.

Watch the video for “All The Way Out” below:

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