Dallas, Texas-based duo NITE, comprised of Canadian-born twin brothers, Kyle and Myles Mendes, are back with a Lynchian nightmare set to their devilishly pop love-letter to Twin Peaks, “All You’ve Ever Dreamed Of”.

The song is the perfect melange of 80s pop tonality, evoking the contrasting and dynamic themes conveyed in the series that changed the face of television forever, included sax elements to such a striking effect that one can’t help but imagine Audrey’s dance set to a more frenetic tempo.

On the song “All You’ve Ever Dreamed Of”, Myles Mendes explains:

“I started writing this song in San Antonio when I was on a Twin Peaks kick. I was captivated by the eeriness of the backwards scenes in the Black Lodge.  I played on that inspiration of the reverse sequences by reversing some of the sax sections, to garner a subtle darkness to the song.

The song’s jubilant vibe is all a façade. The underlying lyrical content is from the devil’s perspective, bargaining for the listener’s soul in exchange for “All You’ve Ever Dreamed Of”
Much like the Faustian tale.

With this song I wanted to expand on mine and Kyle’s abilities in music. We reached out to others and had the opportunity to record Ben Kuykendall, a freshman UNT Jazz sax student at that time, to lay down some killer sax soloing. I also wanted to include giant drum fills (brought to you by Phil Helms) and I recorded my wife, Piper, for group vocals on the chorus and bridge.”

Watch the video below:

Nite produce an uncommon mixture of electronic-tinged pop with a nod to dreamy 80’s-influenced melodies overlaid with Kyle and Myles’ effectual dueling vocals, reminiscent of Tears for Fears’ Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith, plus a commitment towards stylish guitar hooks amidst sparkling synthesizers and bubbling drum machines.

So far, NITE have completed two full tours within North America in 2016 with Seabound (Germany) and The Foreign Resort, and we look forward to seeing them when they next hit the road.

Nite’s Sleepless will be released April 17th on Cleopatra Records

Pre-Order Here

Tour Dates:

  • March 6th Dallas TX
    Top Ten Records
  • March 28th Ft Worth TX
    Shipping and Receiving
    W/ Black Tie Dynasty
  • April 17th San Antonio TX
    The Amp Room
    Album release Texas tour
  • April 18th Austin TX
    Swan Dive
    Album release Texas tour
  • April 30th-Houston TX
    White Oak
    Album release Texas tour
  • May 2nd Dallas TX
    Club Dada
    Album release Texas tour

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