San Diego’s Twin Ritual has a trick up its sleeve: the ethereal soprano vocals of Laura Levenhagen bring a heavenly bend to their new synth-pop/post-punk single, Carrion, a spellbinding melodic whirl of a song that follows the release of “Metaphor” earlier this year.

The band members include Levenhagen (vox/synth), Anthony Ramirez, (bass), Antonio Estrada (guitar), and Michael Buehl (drums). There is an easy comparison to artists such as Blondie, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and most certainly All About Eve with the band’s strong female lead, but Twin Ritual’s sound is more power-pop driven than their predecessors, with hints of The Killers, Interpol, and Editors snuck in there. The fast, danceable pace is tempered with an otherworldly dreaminess yanking the song up to the stratosphere. This is a solid night-driving tune, soaked in an early 2000s nostalgia and intangible melancholy. (Watch for the buzzards!)

Twin Ritual’s debut EP was produced by Dave Trumfio (OK GO, Jesus and the Mary Chain, Built to Spill). After the debut of their EP, the band was featured on ALT PRESS, New Noise Magazine, Big Takeover Magazine, NBC San Diego, and landed a slot at San Diego’s Wonderfront Festival.

Vultures of the night, feast upon the gorgeous Carrion below:

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