We live in an age where we can create idealized versions of who we are and live as a “man meets machine” extension of ourselves. Inspired by society’s use of constructed, curated avatars as a means of modern interaction and communication, Bara Hari’s Ugly On The Inside rips apart the gossamer façades of social media and examines the darkness driving this trend. Ugly on the Inside is the second track off of her upcoming EP, entitled Dark New Day.

The mastermind behind the project, Sam Franco, is an American musician, singer, songwriter, producer, music video director/editor, costumer, and visual artist. Her eclectic inspirations span the gamut of dark pop, synth-pop, industrial pop, electro-pop, darkwave, and goth. Bara Hari is an amalgamation of 1910s vamps Theda Bara and Mata Hari, stars of stage and screen…and in Hari’s case, WW1 espionage.

“The music video for Ugly on the Inside was inspired by videos of the 90s, particularly REM’s Losing My Religion,” she says. “I constructed the ten-foot angel wings as an homage to the video, as well as a nod to the theme of Icarus. Someone whose zealotry ultimately led to their demise. Additionally, I created the other two characters as contrasts to one another.”

Watch the wonderfully-directed film below:

Ugly On The Inside is due for release on May 21st, 2021 via Remission Entertainment.

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