Pennsylvania’s dark and shadowy figure Lunacy—an artist draped in lush lo-fi sonic textures that warp the fabric of reality into psychedelic dreamscapes that blur the lines between synth, shoegaze, post-punk, and noise, is finally releasing their debut LP Age of Truth.

The record is the project’s first full-length since its inception in 2016, following four 4 EP’s and a compilation LP.

Here is some information on the record’s overarching theme:

“The ongoing theme in “Age of Truth” is coming to terms with the aging of mankind and the damage that the human race is responsible for. The Ripple is an effect or idea that one seemingly small factor that is wrong, or one small incorrect decision can have an effect that is both long-lasting and far-reaching. It is hard to take a step back and look to the future in such a fast-paced and instantaneous world, but even with such foresight and accountability now, it may be too late to undo what has been set into motion.”

Watch the video for the album track “Perception” below:

Age of Truth was created with vintage processes utilizing Pitch-bent drum machines from the 80s to now, analog and digital synthesizers, and an array of various guitar tunings that were recorded onto 4-track cassette, the album was recorded in The Dustbin in rural Pennsylvania and was mixed by Connor Clasen (IXVLF) and mastered by Oliver Ackermann (A Place To Bury Strangers).

Age of Truth will be released through Third Coming Records on November 22nd.

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Featured photo by Emily Strong

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