Experimental Gloom Project Clay Rendering has unveiled another track from their new album California Black Vows, this time the spellbinding and bewitching drum laden funeral March Black Vows, the titular track from an album that wanders far “away from the comfort zone straight into the dark heart of the west”.

Here is more background on Clay Rendering’s new lineup and album from their official press release:

“Since their last album, the band relocated from the suburbs of the Midwest to Los Angeles. The cover’s icicle is the last remnant of their time in familiar surroundings. More change was to follow. A duo for most of its existence, Clay Rendering’s core of Mike and Tara Connelly chose to invite two allies into their closed circle. The enlisted are Sera Timms of Black Mare on bass and Joe Potts of Sollilja on drums.

California Black Vows is the follow up to 2015’s Snowthorn, also on Hospital Productions. A couple of EPs surfaced since the last full length, but the band has spent most of that time molding the new four-piece incarnation from the ground up and discovering the sounds and directions that new blood brings, while also acclimating to their new surreal setting. The result is a dimly lit journey into the wild nightside, where nothing is for sure. Where everything is tantalizing. Where Peg Entwistle appears thru a distant haze. Where the small hours creep by, never to return. Masks are off. A hypnotic trek into the center of Clay Rendering’s unique brand of gloom rock commences.”

Listen to “Black Vows” below:

The debut of “Black Vows” follows the release of the video for the fervent windswept uncertainty that is “Don’t Understand You”, an elemental dive into eclectic and irregular post-punk arrangements.

Watch below:

Make sure to catch Clay Rendering’s performance on June 14th at the Hospital Productions LA Showcase. Pre-order California Black Vows HERE.

California Black Vows Track List:

  1. Blood Into Wine
  2. Another Roll of Iron Dice
  3. Once in the Well
  4. We Wait
  5. Black Vows
  6. Cities of the World
  7. Don’t Understand You
  8. Closed Circle
  9. Take Hold

*Featured Photo by David Serrano

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