Singer songwriter Evi Vine is premiering with us today her video for “My Only Son”, a track included on her forthcoming album Black Light White Dark. The song is the second single of the record, with the first being “Sabbath” featuring Simon Gallup of The Cure and Peter Yates from Fields of the Nephilim.

The video was shot by Phillip Clemo, Colin Gary & Tim Shepherd, and was Directed by Phillip Clemo.

Of the song “My Only Son”, Evi Vine had this to say:

“It’s difficult for me to write easily about the track MY ONLY SON … i have never had to explain the writing of it … or the experience before … sadly for too many families it is much worse … I lost a young friend of mine a couple of years ago … he was a beautiful perfect & imperfect soul… as we all are … I can see his intelligent eyes … his unassuming beguiling smile his beautiful hands … it hurts me now to think of him & the tears come … as they always do.

It seems only when I am most troubled in my heart that i write … a reflex, often an act i have no real memory of … the feeling of the words surge forward,  more like a flood from my head to the paper & I am compelled to write in that moment …  it doesn’t feel like it is connected with me … I suppose its function this time was to release the unspeakable sadness, the disbelief. You manage grief … the terrible truth that your friend just wasn’t able to make it in this world, so young & in the emptiness that eclipses all light & hope,  his story is rewritten. The words & melody that became My Only Son is the result of the fallout,  in the aftermath of the bewildering news … the nature of the act & the guilt that haunts me. There is much more to the story but it is not for now.  the song I guess was my way of releasing some of that sorrow. there is an extended version with around 32 verses & the video is a textural interpretation of the last hours of a friend … the sequence the order of images was very important to me & I edited with the director the contrast of shadow moving into colour and light when he was like so many are shrouded in darkness in those final hours … he is now someone I knew in a different life … forever in the stars…  oh little one may moon and stars surrounds you my only son a lullaby to sleep to”

Watch the video for “Sabbath” below, in case you missed it:

Produced by Dave Izumi (Nordic Giants, Ed Harcourt, Magic Numbers) and mixed by Phill Brown (Talk Talk, Jimmy Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, John Martyn, Robert Palmer), this album also features contributions from several other celebrated artists. Apart from Simon Gallup Peter Yates, this album also involves Martyn Barker (Shriekback, Billy Bragg, Marianne Faithfull, Goldfrapp), and Geraldine Swayne (Faust).

Black Light White Dark is out February 22nd.

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