At just 22 years old, Denver songwriter Chaarm is already passionately flipping the script. Rather than accepting the status quo where the femme body is the target of fantasy projection, exploitation, and objectification, they’re taking back their power and taking all the femmes with them in a blaze of anthemic glory.

“Heel On Your Face,” Chaarm’s third single, is an industrial-flavoured femme-dom club anthem about empowerment and exploitation of the male gaze.  Bringing to mind Peaches, Grimes, Crystal Castles, and Japanese Breakfast with a hint of good ol’ indie sleaze and a splash of Skinny Puppy, this go-getter features a sick booming kick, explosive cymbals, compressed shrieks, and growling synths. “Heel On Your Face” packs a wallop.

The breakdown embodies the swelling rise of a Medusa figure avenging an egregious wrong; an Athena figure gathering arrows into her quiver; a Boadicea warrior queen fighting for the modern times. With this fiery single, Chaarm is poised to explosively fight back and reclaim the upper hand…and it starts with a heel to His face. The “he” could be a metaphor for the imbalance of masculine and feminine energies – where abuse of power means a shift in the paradigm is necessary…or it could just be a specific creep in need of just desserts. Whatever the case, strap on those badass platforms, inflict a little revenge, and blare this track while you’re doing it.

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Weaving a brilliant melange of sound and ideas, Chaarm’s lyrics often reside in the celestial realm, but other times they directly address internal struggles, as well as suppressive social structures. 

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