It’s been many weeks of highs and lows and quarantine blues that sees German Industrial avant-garde music legends Einstürzende Neubauten releasing their second single from their forthcoming new album  Alles in Allem, the groups 40th-anniversary opus, coming out in wake of the Corona-virus pandemic, and their canceled live itinerary—which included their first North American tour in 15 years—which had been delayed ever-long due to visa woes.

In this stylish and cinematically shot split-screen piece for the new record’s title track, frontman Blixa Bargeld sits in front of a piano crooning surreal lyrics in his native tongue, with a silver baritone to match his glittery eyes among ebony, ivory, and wreathed crown of red-red roses.

Watch the video below:

This latest video follows the jazzy clip for “Ten Grand Goldie”, showcasing a pounding drum-driven single that is in the vein of “Die Interliebendem”, which intermittent shots of the album cover’s photoshoot, and Blixa Bargeld intoning phrases while wearing a surgical mask, such as “Now you can fix your pants!” over the fracas din, alongside a young lady playing the trombone.

Watch below:

“Alles in Allem”. Out on May 15th, 2020. The new record will be the group’s first true album work since 2007 (not including 2014’s World War I concept piece Lament.)

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