Los Angeles based experimental art-punk group Egrets On Ergot reveal their turbulent cover of The Normal’s classic Mute Records track “T.V. O.D.”—a song featured on Daniel Miller’s inaugural label and artist single release—along with “Warm Leatherette”. Both songs were groundbreaking classics in minimal synth, taken inspiration from the J.G. Ballard novel Crash.

Director Jenny Nirgends—a multi-media artist and filmmaker from Los Angeles—says of the video :

“From the first time I heard the original song T.V.O.D. it has elicited this idea of excess, the song has always been inseparable in my mind from its J.G. Ballard inspired counterpart, so this excess by extension conveys images of consumerism, drugs, sex, and violence. Egrets on Ergot’s version of the song takes it to a different place of that still holds on to the original sentiment, but creates a level of dissociation with time and space. I wanted to work thematically with all the aforementioned in mind and make a kind of ironic anti-consumer propaganda where beautiful things are destroyed, bullets are toys and food, brains are replaced with computer parts, and filled with sex and canned gasoline. The best way I saw fit was by making a montage of collage vignettes using a collection of new and old magazines, textbooks and catalogues.”

Watch the video below:

The B-side for the cover is an original, Korg-led, topsy-turvy romp with guitar, sax, and samples of video creator, Jenny’s spoken word. It was recorded at The Cone by Dante White Aliano.

The two tracks will be available soon on X-RAY flexi disc 7″ with Blank City Records, as well as digitally via Bandcamp.

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