On May 14th, 1983, we lost one of the most important figures in the burgeoning Spanish post-punk scene, Eduardo Benavente of Parálisis Permanente.

Formed in 1981, Eduardo Benavente and his brother Javier, along with Nacho Canut and his brother, Johnny, The band achieved cult status as part of the post-Franco La Movida Madrileña, which in moods, looks, attitude, style, and sound resembled the British post-punk and the German Neue Deutsche Welle.

Unlike those scenes, whose members had parents that experience fascism, Spanish post-punkers had direct experience with fascism, as Franco’s Spain had collapsed only just prior to punk’s emergence.

The band later included Jaime Urrutia, a former member of Gabinete Caligari, Rafa Balmaseda, a former member of Glutamato Ye-Ye and Derribos Arias, and Ana Curra, who was also Benavente’s girlfriend at the time and was at one point a member of Alaska along with Nacho Canut. 

Paralysis Permanente released two EPs, the first with Gabinete Caligari, containing the songs “Autosuficiencia” and “Tengo un Pasajero”.

The second was Quiero ser santa, which featured the tracks “Unidos”, “Yo No”, and “Un Día En Texas”.

In 1982 the band released their only LP, El Acto, followed by their final single Nacidos para Dominar.

Later that year Eduardo Benavente would die in a car crash when driving from Leon to a festival in Zaragoza.

Benavente was in the car with Ana Curra and Toti Árboles, who suffered only minor injuries. At the time of his death, Benavente was 20 years old.

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