Following the release of the video for Magazine, the first single off of their upcoming sixth studio LP Violence, Tom Smith and his long running post-punk revival act Editors have unveiled their next Rahi Rezvani directed video for the album—this time for the track Hallelujah (So Low).

Smith explains the song writing inspiration for the track via an interview with Billboard:

“I wrote the words to “Hallelujah (So Low)” when I got back from a trip with Oxfam, visiting refugee camps in Northern Greece. It was obviously an incredibly moving trip, seeing people living in dust, surviving only on the help of others was very moving.

Musically the track hung on the relationship between the acoustic guitar and the drum machine that was part of the track from my demo. It had something special very early on. Then when Justin [Lockey] came up with his outrageous guitar riff we knew we had a winner. It’s the most “rock” we’ve ever been and it’s exhilarating. I think the video attempts to capture this intensity, both in the track and in us as a live band.”

In the interview, Smith goes on to describe director Rahi Rezvani’s vision for the video, and how it differs from his previous collaborations with the band:

“I think this video is pretty straightforward for Rahi. There’s no narrative or concept other than capturing the intensity of the track and the excitement of us as a live band. Rahi has been on stage with us whilst we perform, literally in front of my face, in between us and the  audience. He knows about the energy and I think he was trying to convey this. Oh, and us looking sultry under a rain machine obviously!”

Violence is out March 9th.

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