On October 5th, Eddie Wuebben of Sextile passed away. In Sextile, in addition to playing guitar, Eddie was known for his excellent synth performances utilizing vintage Korg MS-10s and MS-20s, which helped the band conjure a fusion of EBM and Synth-Punk, that authentically evoked the visceral vibes of late 70s and early 80s Post-Punk on the band’s 2015 debut LP A Thousand Hands, and its fantastic follow-up in 2017, Albeit Living.

Sextile was referred to Post-Punk.com from the very beginning, with one recommendation coming from none other than The Soft Moon’s Luis Vasquez, who hand picked the band to join him on tour in 2016.

Eddie Wuebben, Brady Keehn, Melissa Scaduto, Cameron Michel

Our Editor Alex Baker, had this to say about Eddie after learning about his passing:

“I met Eddie in February of 2018 at a Sextile concert in Berlin. I was coming down with the worst flu of my life, and struggling to film an interview with the band that ultimately had to be scrapped.

During the filming, Eddie went beyond being kind, and gave me some of the most sincere and sweet words of encouragement—words that keep me going in supporting the music in a very tough industry…words that stick with me to this day.

I did not really know Eddie, but this seems to have been the common thread in the experiences of those who had met him.”

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio on June 10th, 1990, Eddie being an integral part of the California post-punk music scene for over the past decade, and many artists and musicians from the area have been sharing their stories of Eddie in remembrance of his heart and good character.

Eddie is survived by his wife Caitlin, his mom Lisa, sister Kristina, and twin brother Joe, all of whom are currently trying to raise funds for his funeral costs.

For those who wish to contribute to Eddie’s send off, you can do so here:

Eddie’s Send Off Fundraiser

*Featured photo by Hedi Slimane

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