On May 4th 1984, one day before frontman Ian McCulloch’s 25th birthdayEcho & the Bunnymen released their fourth studio album Ocean Rain.  Considered by many to be the band’s finest workOcean Rain includes the singles “The Killing Moon” (reignited to almost stratospheric popularity after being featured prominently on the Donnie Darko soundtrack), “Silver” and “Seven Seas“.

The band wrote the songs for the album in 1983 while recording during 1984 in Paris using a 35-piece orchestra, (with other sessions taking place in Bath and Liverpool for The Killing Moon). Following the Icelandic theme for Porcupine, the artwork for Ocean Rain was designed by Martyn Atkins and the photography of the band floating on a boat in an iridescent cavern was shot by photographer Brian Griffin.

In 2008 Echo & the Bunnymen celebrated the album by performing Ocean Rain during a number of concerts with the backing of an orchestra.

Here singer Ian McCulloch explains the writing of “the greatest song ever” “The Killing Moon”

And here is Ian McCulloch interviewed by Jools Holland performing “Thorn of Crowns” and also featuring his solo cover of “September Song”

The official video for the single “Seven Seas”

and “Silver” on Top of the Pops

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