East London’s Novi Sad have just unleashed the nightmarish new single “Health” from their forthcoming debut EP, Are You Ever Able?.  The song follows the band’s savage effects-laden debut single, “Any Change,” which kicked in the door with its aural onslaught late last year.

True to their DIY punk ethos,  the forthcoming EP is entirely self-produced, freeing the band to organically craft a sound from their hearts, while incorporating the best elements of noise-rock, post-punk and new wave, while not being restricted and pigeonholed to any particular genre. 

With an acid tongue and bleeding fingers, this latest track from the record sees Novi Sad combining caustic lyrics with a layered guitar cacophony, lacing the music with dark melodies woven from driving basslines and drums while giving way to a crescendo of abrasive distortion that encircles the senses in an ominous wall of sound.

Novi Sad also created a sinister CRT TV  video for “Health,” as they described thusly: 

“The video sees dreams and nightmares colliding, with flashes of lucid moments mangled together  with dark trips as the lyrical protagonist struggles with their hold on reality.” 

Watch the video for “Health” below:

Quickly gaining a reputation and following for their visceral live shows that are set up to shock with out-of-sync strobe effects and testing amounts of feedback, Novi Sad have supported the likes of VR Sex and Lumer and played their first international shows in Paris and Bordeaux in April 2022. 

Recorded and edited at Strongroom Studio by Jake Murray and mastered by Sam Berdah at The Wall  Studios, “Health” is out now (the 7th of October) with the Are You Ever Able? EP to follow.

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