East London noise rock band Novi Sad have a knack for timing: the band, comprised of Paddy Hughes, Baptiste Bernon, Dan Phillips and Marty Taylor, formed mere weeks before COVID lockdown. The members initially found themselves stymied by the restriction, but soon made use of their time to craft an arsenal of songs that assault the senses. Unable to wait for the pandemic-stricken music industry to awake from its slumber, the band embraced a DIY ethos and organised all aspects of the release themselves. The effect is a gloriously raw, blistering track, Any Change.

Effects-laden savage guitar battles intense, vitriolic vocals, accompanied by thunderous drums and an incessant throbbing bass to create a murderous cacophony of sound. They bring to mind the early days of The Horrors, Art Brut, The Fall, and Magazine.

The single was recorded and edited by Taylor Pollock at Strongroom Studio in East London, mixed by Novi Sad, and mastered by Sam Berdah at The Wall studio in Metz.

After their high-energy, sold-out debut show at the Shacklewell Arms, the band was offered their first headline show at The Waiting Room. This date coincides with the release of their first single, Any Change.

“The song is a rallying call to aid those who have been discarded and disenfranchised,” says the band.

The accompanying video, a black and white strobe light tour de force, was recorded al fresco in deepest, darkest East London by Simon Milner (Is Tropical) and James Shepherd, both representing the CCLXII Collective.

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