Robby’s Song is fed up with idiocracy. The Dutch coldwave duo rails against the dumbing down of society through technology with “De Mensen Van Nu”, or, “the people of today.”

Bitching about peers has long been a favourite topic in punk/post-punk, but instead of a nostalgia fest rehashing the same old scene, Robby’s Song complains specifically about screen time and lack of ambition – in their native language, no less. Somehow a coldwave song in Dutch hits a sweet spot; the song is more of a resigned lamentation than a confrontation.

myself, everyone, so focused on screens
distorted dreams, you can’t help it
the people of today are so ironic

Peppered with a sleepy drum machine, bass, guitar, and distorted vocals, the song reflects the dystopia of reluctant acceptance. The song, with sonic nods to Clan of Xymox, London After Midnight, and The Danse Society, was recorded live.

“We want to keep our music as real as possible and we both think that live recordings are the best for that,” says the band. “We embrace the faults and the things that don’t sound right. Damaged beauty means more to us than beauty that remains intact.”

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