Spanning genres with a rich and atmospheric sound, Copenhagen’s dark and debonair pop act Dune Messiah returns with the heartrending new single “Privileged”.

Following the tours with headlining acts such as Drab Majesty, and the release of an EP, and two albums, with the most recent being 2019’s Moments of Bliss, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Magnus W. Jespersen is showcasing his dynamic range with his most intimate track yet, a song that fuses folk and dream pop, reminiscent of classic 90s productions via Creation Records, but carving out a sound that is distinct and stands alone.

“Privileged” is a bittersweet juxtaposition of moods, led by jangly acoustic guitars and compelling percussion that flicker and quake above the cold fire of spectral synths that languidly sigh their haunting melody.

With an abrupt shift, the song shifts into melancholic whispered vocals, recounting an excerpt from a diary written many years ago. The text piece is a stream of thoughts and a reflection on a personal experience that left deep marks in Jespersen’s life.

He elaborates:

“The process of writing the song was enormously lengthy and there are many versions of it on a hard drive somewhere. In particular, there were many attempts to find a good vocal melody and accompanying lyrics, until I finally realized it worked best with a narrative over the pumping rhythm. I came across a few pages in an old diary that I have lying around. I experienced something quite unsettling in my early twenties that shook me to my core. This diary quote is a reflection on the meaninglessness of personal trauma in the bigger picture, but should also be seen as an insight into a young person’s way of thinking ”.

Listen to “Privileged” below:

Privileged was written, produced, and recorded by Magnus W. Jespersen, except for vocal production by Kaspar Kaae, and western guitars recorded by Kristian A. Pedersen. Mixing was provided by Kristian Alexander Pedersen and Mastering by Joel Kroze.

The song is the first in a line of new songs from a larger body of work, for which Dune Messiah will unveil in the coming months.

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Cover photo by Lisa Jespersen, and artwork by Olya Dyer

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