In the next chapter of collaborative innovation during the Covid era, New Spell has joined forces with various artists for a vibrant remix collection of dark synthwave. Amongst the treasure trove of reimagining is a remix of their track Home by post-punk artist Vandal Moon.

“Home is about finding hope, creativity, and meaning despite the existential angst of living in a time that often feels hopeless,” says New Spell. The Vandal Moon edit features duet vocals and sparkling arpeggios that lend a sense of uplift to the tune, despite its somber theme.

The track is part of New Spell’s Of Time (Remixed) EP which features remixes that span a variety of indie-electro, retro wave, and dance genres. The original songs first appeared in New Spell’s Of Time EP trilogy, released between 2016-2020.

New Spell, comprised of vocalist and songwriter Leanne Kelly, drummer Jacob Frautschi and producer Max Savage, came onto the scene four years ago with the release of their first single, Rain. Over time, the group sharpened their aesthetic and gradually became more introspective in their lyrics. “The collection is a meta-narrative, simultaneously reflecting the impact of living in a time of unprecedented upheaval, while also acknowledging the idea that music itself is a means by which we decorate time,” says the band.

Vandal Moon, comprised of Blake Voss (vox/guitar/synth) and Jeremy Einsiedler (drums/synth), creates “postmodern 80’s music for sad boys & girls.”

Home is a moody, atmospheric collaboration with a lot of soul. Kelly’s passionate, ethereal voice beautifully transcends the iciness of the synths. A solid track for a cold, rainy day of introspection.

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