If ever there were a band to drift off into the waters reverb laced haze at an autumn lakeside sunrise in the Pacific Northwest, Gothy Bay Area Dream Pop Duo Fawning would be it.

Featuring the silky whisper-like vocals of Cheyenne Avant (of Graveface Records Jangle-pop group Night School), and Devin Nunes, Fawning cites Cocteau Twins, Cranes, & Julee Cruise as the influences for their debut EP, and boy does it show, weaving unsettling beauty within droning effects-laden guitars and drum-machines, like the sound of an elemental ghost story.

Cheyenne and Devin met many years ago while playing shows together with their previous projects. Fawning was originally formed only as a recording project but in mid-2019, the two decided to transition to being a live band and enlisted Eddie Salgado on bass to complete the lineup.

Regarding the project’s debut title track “Too Late” on EP, the pair had this to say:

“Too Late” was the first song that we finished together. The lyrics are mostly about being so invested and in love in a relationship, that the other person could really do nothing wrong and even if they did, you wouldn’t be able to leave. But it also just words because they sounded good.

Listen to “Too Late” below:

Fawning’s “Too Late” is set for release on NeverNotGoth—a brand new subsidiary from Graveface Records (Casket Girls, Xiu Xiu, Appleseed Cast, Tokyo Shoegazer etc).

The imprint was founded when Ryan Graveface moved to Savannah GA in 2010 and realized that there was no goth/darkwave scene locally and would later in 2019 decide to start a label and corresponding monthly goth night in the city. The NeverNotGoth label will reissue obscure darkwave/industrial/goth gems but will also release new artists.

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