Sometimes you just find yourself in a hamster wheel of maladies, circumstances, and rotten luck, and Tel Aviv dream pop musician FOE rattles them off in a new song/rant: the single, “Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.”

“Ending a long-term relationship, starting a new one, signing a relocation contract, Covid-19, canceling relocation contract, lockdowns, quitting my job due to illness, lockdowns again, surgery, learning music, starting a new job, quitting because of illness again and so on…”

FOE had enough with the rat race and, for a time, decided to carve out space to follow a music dream.  “Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” has a sound akin to Depeche Mode, Visage, MGMT, and Empathy Test, with DMZL (Almog Dror)’s ethereal, almost childlike vocals cutting through the heartbreak. It’s a catchy song to get you through the onslaught of life.

Listen below:

FOE composes this unique bedroom synthpop in Tel-Aviv. A struggle with Crohn’s disease prompted the life change to follow a lifelong passion.  “Currently, the subjects I focus on in my music are mostly self-esteem, living up to your potential, and extreme physical pain.”

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