I have a piece of you

It’s those photos you left me

Cut open my sternum

And take a handful of what you need

The latest single from Oh! Vered, “Lockjaw”, is a powerful track about a yearning to relate; to place herself among other humans holding on to the blue sky of youth, but interrupted with the clouds of the past. The artist has taken these experiences and turned them into a tool to help communicate what she believes is the most authentic step in healing, resulting in a powerful, surrealist video about that mental time loop. The poetic Lockjaw takes inspiration both artistically and emotionally from artists like Cocteau Twins, Jeff Buckley, and Deftones, compounded with her own uniquely nightmarish lyrics.

“When I was 15, I heard Jeff Buckley for the first time. It also may be the first time I heard what love sounded like. I heard, really heard, what the heart is capable of conveying. It felt as if you had been working on a math problem for hours until you finally tried something different and you got the answer by just moving around a few numbers, and you think, “Wow, it was that clear all along” – except not just anyone could figure it out. I knew then and there, that this feeling that I was virgin to, is the feeling I now strive to invoke through my story and my heart, and that this is what I was meant to do.”

Hailing from Maplewood, New Jersey, Oh! Vered is a singer, songwriter, self-taught multi-instrumentalist, and producer. She discovered her passion for music at the tender age of eight, playing drums in the school talent show. By middle school, she was performing monthly with the School of Rock in Chatham, while balancing landing a gig with SUPERCUTE! in New York City.

The artist branched out in 2020, curating a unique sound of alternative rock and shoegaze, as well as experimenting with electronic production. She blends shoegaze, post-punk, alternative, and pop, resulting in a sonic concoction comparable to CHVRCHES and Massive Attack.

Watch Lockjaw, directed by Henry McGowan. There’s a vaguely Lynch-meets-Maya Deren vibe to this unsettling video, which wavers between conscious/subconscious states and the common thread of determination. The collaboration is a spectacular work of art.

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