Trade your lines

of eloquent praise

For something real

At long last, the return of Chasms! After three years, the mastermind behind the (now solo) project, Jess Labrador, announces the release of two new songs: “Submit” and it’s b-side “Times Have Changed,” out now via felte.  Labrador’s deeply personal work has always felt like an unveiling. Stepping out of the dark, meditation on grief and loss from her previous album The Mirage, she is now experimenting with a plethora of vaporous synths and samples, creating a more ethereal soundscape. Both songs address very contemporary societal issues with a personal spin.

Submit is about the Instagram/social media popularity game that feels really unavoidable these days,” Labrador explains. The dreamlike tune features poetic lyrics breathily delivered by Labrador, as if a voice from the ether warning us back onto the right journey. “It came from observing this pattern of very public friendships built around being seen online, and even finding myself caught up in this behavior as well. It’s easy to fall into the trap of replacing meaningful interactions with validation. Anyone can create a seemingly emotional and heartfelt post online and almost will their version of events into reality. With the right words and moves, you can work your way into some sort of fame or social standing. But at the end of the day, it’s very empty. There will always be a new flavor of the month. The cycle repeats but the cast of characters change.”

Things Have Changed is a song about growth and the power of the word no on the path toward self-love. “It’s about coming out on the other side of a toxic pattern and making healthy changes for yourself,” she says. The overall oeuvre of the song brings to mind Mazzy Star, staying in the realm of the divine.

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and “Things Have Changed”:

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