Ahead of a showcase at this year’s SXSW, Austin based electronic music label Holodeck Records is premiering with us today an acoustic drift into synthetic somnambulism in Drab Majesty’s new song Cannibal.

The song segues deeply into newer dimensions of ambience, but despite being so experimental, Deb Demure doesn’t dissociate too far from his established cosmic persona.

On his almost Lynchian way the song’s composition evolved Deb elaborates:

“I wrote it during a very meandering journey from LA to Seattle back in 2016,  where I intermittently stopped to rest in sleepy train towns in the forest; recording in old hotel rooms with a makeshift studio I brought with me.”

 Cannibal is featured on the label’s debut compilation album—the 30 track Holodeck Vision One which is set for release on March 9, 2018.

The compilation is financed in part by members by S U R V I V E (the band that won an Emmy for their score of Stranger Things) and features that project’s own Kyle Dixon, as well as other artists such as Michael Stein, Bill Converse, Automelodi and more.

Details on The Holodeck SXSW Showcase:

Date: Thursday, March 15
Venue: Hotel Vegas (1502 E 6th St)
Lineup: Drab Majesty, Essaie Pas, Boy Harsher, Automelodi, Lou Rebecca, Samantha Glass, Single Lash, Dylan Cameron

Listen to Cannibal and find the compilation’s full track listing below:

Tracklisting for Holodeck Vision One:

  1. Omni Gardens – Ceiling of the Mind
  2. Michael C Sharp – Blublocker
  3. Dallas Acid – The Orgy in San Felipe
  4. Flatliner – Dream Last Night
  5. Jake Schrock – Levitation Station
  6. Joey – Fall for Sport
  7. Automelodi – Toujours de Jamais
  8. Curved Light – Endgame Scenario
  9. Michael Stein – No Standards
  10. pulseCoder – Hypermuck
  11. Thousand Foot Whale Claw – There is a Garden
  12. Dust Witch – Sister Planet
  13. Virgin Pool – Cloak & Dagger
  14. Future Museums – Calcite
  15. Sungod – Frequence
  16. VVV – Shahmat
  17. Kyle Dixon – Dat Way
  18. Samantha Glass – The Proof Inside Your Mind
  19. LACHANE – Olneyville
  20. Smokey Emery – Broken Clouds
  21. Dylan Cameron – Graceless Gods
  22. Norm Chambers – Crossing Over
  23. Windows1995 – Chills Hill
  24. Single Lash – Insect Hell
  25. JU4N – Gauzing
  26. Bill Converse – OK Karplus
  27. Symbol – Umasa
  28. Skullcaster – Crossing the Blood Brain Barrier
  29. Drab Majesty – Cannibal
  30. Troller – Rodan

*Featured Drab Majesty photo by Muted Fawn

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