I can’t go home I don’t know why
Three miles away from the psy-goths
Derived from consciousness i
nto human representations
I can’t go home I don’t know why

“Donna Haringwey makes punk-induced electronic music. He hopes you like it.”

It’s rare that a press blurb makes Understatement Of The Year, but Donna Haringwey takes the prize with his truly disorienting 2:38 primal therapy screech, G01N H0M3 W1TH L0ß5T3R5.  The track, written and produced by Toni Quiroga, was mixed by Gian at Dadu Studio.

The accompanying film, directed by Donna Haringwey and Alison Lewis (Keluar, Linea Aspera), is an exercise in altered state performance art, depicting Haringwey experiencing a proper dissociative freakout whilst submerged in a bathtub.

G01N H0M3 W1TH L0ß5T3R5, off his new 7-track cassette Venal (Strange Therapy), is not a track for the faint of heart. Haringwey emits vocalisations of variant intensity careening through distorted soundscapes, sliced by syncopated rhythms through a heavy atmosphere seething with caustic vulnerability.

Watch the video below:

Venal is out now.

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