Quick to point your finger

At anyone you don’t like

When opportunity strikes

In the end you’ll be ashamed

When all your lies and mistakes

Attach to your name

Detroit Deathgaze duo VAZUM have announced the release of their fiery new single, “Angel,” a haunting deathrock number (in the vein of 45 Grave and Christian Death) condemning the self-righteous and greedy.

The music video was directed and produced by the duo via their own Light Echo Studios.Vocalist/bassist Emily Sturm remarks on the music video: ‘The angels have what they want and are unhappy. The devils don’t have anything and are happy.”

The beautifully eerie DIY video depicts the dichotomy of good, evil, and the blurred lines in between. The angel sequences remind one of the 1890s Edison films starring “butterfly dancer” Loie Fuller, bringing an element of the past and present as well.

Watch the video for “Angel” below:

VAZUM, comprised of Sturm and Zach Pliska, create a haunting and original sound combining elements of deathrock, post-punk, and shoegaze. Since forming in 2017, VAZUM have released numerous albums and music videos that the duo produced from their own Light Echo Studios. Zach and Emily released two albums in 2020: (Vampyre Villa and Rated V) and an EP (Vazumnacht). In June 2021, VAZUM released their most recent album V+.

Angel is out now. Find it on Bandcamp here and on Spotify.

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