There is a genius at work with multi-instrumentalist Detriot J. Czarn’s No New Dawn with artistic precision recreates the core of minimal synth from the coldwave era and imbues it with immersive richness and texture through its icy soundscapes.

Perhaps with a self-aware sense of irony, the project’s compositions utilize a mixture of analog, midi, sampling and live recording methods to attain an often cavernous electronic narrative, that descends into a subterranean dreamworld of sound that could score 80s sci-fi and fantasy perfectly, but while sounding contemporary to this modern synth-wave revival started in the mid 2000s.

Perhaps if Qual’s William Maybelline were to bellow his sonorous vocals over the melodic synth mastery of Material Canterel, who both were, in turn, to step in and score a film project initially commissioned to Tangerine Dream, you might get something similar to the bleak phantasmagoria that Czarn conjures here.

Yet such a description falls short as well, as the sauntering melodies (operative word here “melodies”) also evoke the proto-EBM sensibilities of the early work of Belgian artists such as Front 242, and The Neon Judgement.

This is a fascinating and complex record that sees its CD and Cassette release due out on November 30th through Russian label Other Voices Records, with a vinyl edition to follow in February.

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  1. The Path
  2. Exit – Station
  3. One Fading Into Light
  4. Cold Expanse I
  5. Cold Expanse II
  6. Under Material Eye
  7. F.A.D. (Flight of the Angel of Destruction) CD edition limited to 200 copies
    MC edition limited to 30 hand-numbered copies

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