In celebration of one of Depeche Mode’s most beloved albums Black Celebration receiving its forthcoming 12-inch singles box set, director Peter Care has unveiled an alternate cut of his original music video for “Stripped,” the first single released from band’s 1986 album.

The differences are subtle, but enough to turn head and notice, such as the more subdued cuts of the sledgehammers percussively smashing the junkyard automobile in question.

Watch Below:

On May 31st, Depeche Mode will continue its vinyl box-set singles campaign with Black Celebration: The 12″ Singles and Music For The Masses: The 12″ Singles,, a pair of multi-disc collections featuring the original UK 12-inch singles that accompanied each album.

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The Black Celebration box set features four 12-inch singles and the Music For the Masses set includes seven 12-inches.

Each of the box sets, covering the band’s 1986 and 1987 albums, feature singles pressed on audiophile-quality vinyl remastered from the original tapes. Additionally, each single will be packaged in a reproduction of their original vinyl artwork, with the boxes housing the lot featuring artwork that “draws on street art iconography inspired by the original releases,” according to Rhino.

See the full tracklists below.

Depeche Mode, Black Celebration: The 12″ Singles

  • Stripped
  • A1 “Stripped” (Highland Mix)
  • A2 “But Not Tonight” (Extended Remix)
  • B1 “Breathing In Fumes”
  • B2 “Fly On The Windscreen” (Quiet Mix)
  • B3 “Black Day”

A Question Of Lust

  • A1 “A Question Of Lust”
  • A2 “Christmas Island” (Extended)
  • B1 “People Are People” (Live)
  • B2 “It Doesn’t Matter Two” (Instrumental)
  • B3 “A Question Of Lust” (Minimal)

A Question Of Lust

  • A1 “A Question Of Lust” (Flood Mix)
  • A2 “Christmas Island”
  • B1 “If You Want” (Live)
  • B2 “Shame” (Live)
  • B3 “Blasphemous Rumours” (Live)

A Question Of Time

  • A1 “A Question Of Time” (Extended Remix)
  • B1 “Black Celebration” (Live)
  • B1 “Something To Do” (Live)
  • B3 “Stripped” (Live)

A Question Of Time

  • A1 “A Question Of Time” (New Town Mix)
  • A2 “A Question Of Time” (Live Remix)
  • B1 “Black Celebration” (Black Tulip Mix)
  • B2 “More Than A Party” (Live Remix)

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