As a songwriter, producer, and German Underground music legend, and International Martial Arts Champion Mona Mur, has a long storied career.

Breaking onto the “German Wave Explosion” during the early 80s with John Peel championed track Mona Mur and die Mieter 12 inch Jeszcze Polska, Mona would continue is garner accolades when in 1986 Dieter Meier of Yello became her producer, and they hired JJ Burnel and David Greenfield of The Stranglers to work on her first solo album”Mona Mur”, which was released in 1988.

Now, following the release of Delinquent, Mona’s first solo album in 30 years, we sat down with her at her studio in Berlin to discuss the new record, her collaborations on it with Anja Huwe of Xmal Deutschland, Bettina Köster of Malaria! (see “Sex to Go”), and co-writer/producer Ralf Goldkind, as well as her thoughts on industrial music, and achieving the 40 plus club from touring the US.

Watch below:

Delinquent is a fantastic record, mixing Neue Deutsch Welle sounds with twangy cowboy guitars, and is the perfect soundtrack for the autobahn, or route 66.

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