Pittsburgh-based post-punk band DEATH INSTINCT have just announced their debut EP, The Offerings, due out via Play Alone Records. The band has issued “Secret Gardens,” the lead track on the EP as a taste of what’s to come. Listen below.

“Secret Gardens” begins with a cavernous snare sound, wide-open and drenched in reverb. The band follows suit with a delicious amount of rhythmic tension, churning synth bass, soaring string synths, and carefully considered guitar work, calling both Ennio Morricone and early, vital U2 to mind. A subtle crooning vocal adds substantial weight to the track, grounding it in heady, but subtle gloom. At first glance, “Secret Gardens” moves in a more controlled direction than their demo recordings, trading in A Place to Bury Strangers-inspired chaos for the nuance and texture of The Chameleons.

The Offerings is currently slated as a digital-only release, due out on August 5th. Check below for the full album artwork and track listing, and be sure to catch the band live at Get Hip Record Store in Pittsburgh, PA on August 5th, celebrating their EP release with the like-minded Ritual Howls.

DEATH INSTINCT – The Offerings
1. Secret Gardens
2. Nightlands
3. Hide
4. The Eye

Pre-order via Bandcamp

Photo by Raquel Peterson



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