Brendan Perry has announced that Dead Can Dance, the post-punk meets neo-classical musical project that he and Lisa Gerrard helm—along with an ensemble of touring musicians, have recorded a studio album that is currently in the mastering phase of production.

The new album will be the first released in 6 years, and the second to come out from the Australian band since their reformation in 2011.

Perry revealed the news in a tweet on Saturday.

Since the September 8, 2015, announcement of the sale of Perry’s Quivvy Church Studio, many fans had been concerned about the future of Dead Can Dance, even with the reassurance via band’s official Facebook page of a new rehearsal and recording studio being set up in France.

Given Perry’s tweet regarding the mastering process beginning tomorrow at Abbey Road, perhaps that new recording studio has already been put to good use.

This will be the band’s ninth album, following 2012’s Anastasis, which was the first release after Perry and Gerrard had went their separate ways after 1996’s Spiritchaser.

The record currently does not have any further details available at this time—such as to its title, or when it is scheduled for release.

In the meantime, while we wait for more news on the forthcoming album, and hopefully the band’s first live dates since touring for Anastasis ended in 2013, there is news of Brendan Perry recent collaboration with Olivier Mellano on the No Land project.

Perry also recently joined fellow 4AD alum Robin Guthrie at the Mythos Festival this past week, where Perry performed material from Dead Can Dance’s 1984 debut.

Lisa Gerrard, on the other hand is scheduled to perform with the  “World of Hans Zimmer” orchestral tour that commences in Germany on April 28th.

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