It’s been nearly thirty-five years since cult German outfit Days of Sorrow split, but a chance meeting two years ago led two of the band’s original members to reform and see where their creative path led next. Andre Schreiber (guitar, bass) and William Lennox (vox, keys) invited their old friend Frank Junge to join in on keyboards. They started experimenting resulting in the creation of new tracks produced by Lennox in his “Diggin’ For Gold” studio.

The last hit Days of Sorrow had, “Wild World”, was still making the rounds when the band suddenly called it quits. Last year, following the release of the Whatever Happens compilation, Andre and William recorded an acoustic version of the classic and released it on all platforms, including a quarantine video called “Wild World 2020″.

One of the resulting tunes of their new collaboration, “Running”, has an uptempo beat with a classic new wave guitar sound. Vintage Synths and a TR808 drum machine round out the setup, continuing their musical path with an authentic nod to their roots.

“Lyrically it reflects an inner fear of helplessness with something breathing up your back trying to catch up, resulting in an absolute loss of orientation of which way to turn, all ending in a void,” says the band.

The video for “Running” was shot in a desecrated church near Cologne and despite a series of postponements due to COVID restrictions, the video was filmed and edited themselves. The delays didn’t faze the band; they note that they’re “happy to be out and about again” with aspirations to record more tracks throughout the year, possibly a 4 track vinyl in the works.

Watch the video for ‘Running” below:

“Obviously, one of the goals to reach in the future will be to play a live set again,” says the band. “We’ll see how, when, and where this will work out.”

Until the stages reopen, you can still find Days of Sorrow songs from the past being used for campaigns such as the London fashion label All Saints (Travel).

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