Bauhaus and Love and Rockets’ legendary post-punk bassist David J is sore about the mournful treatment of the Whitehouse rose garden in the video for his acid and biting political ballad”The Rape Of The Rose Garden”.

“This is my response to the abomination that is Melania Trump’s ‘revamp’ of the White House Rose Garden in which all the colour and warmth has been replaced by something resembling a cold and austere neo-fascist parade ground. Even the crabapple trees beloved by JFK and which Jackie Kennedy herself planted have been removed. It struck me that this tasteless ‘renovation’ could be seen as somewhat symbolic of the destruction that her malevolent, narcissistic husband has inflicted upon the country.

‘Is this your country?’ VOTE!”
—David J

Watch the lyric video below:

“The Rape of The Rose Garden” features acoustic rhythm guitar and vocals from David J, piano by Jon Bernstein, violin from Gregory Allison, acoustic lead guitar from Tad Piecka, and percussion by  Brad Dutz.

The song was Produced by David J, and Engineered by Tony Green, and was recorded at Ear Gallery Music, in Los Angeles.

Video by Darwin Meiners.

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