Italy’s darkwave darlings Ash Code were all set to embark on a series of European and American gigs, but when the dreaded Covid thwarted their plans, the trio had to change course. Suddenly, the band’s nearly completed LP got shelved because it didn’t fit with the reality of the moment.

The members isolated themselves, occasionally slipping into the gloom of pandemic life, but after spending the summer in Naples, they re-connected with the place they live in and found inspiration again to write new songs. They then established a series of online charity initiatives. The first was created at home, which led to a series of online Gothic Festivals called Gothicats, gathering performers from international darkwave/goth scene.

Ash Code’s new Fear EP includes 3 brand new songs and 3 remixes by Molchat Doma, Clan Of Xymox, and Los Angeles’ Forever Grey.

The accompanying video, directed by Elio De Filippo, was inspired by lockdown and a tribute to artists such as Armand Sabbatier, Man Ray, and Zbigniew Rybczyński. The chromatic contrast created by DP Jessica Squillante took inspiration from Andy Warhol’s screenprints, where bright and unnatural colors belie a sad, oppressive theme as a natural mental defense mechanism.”  The video also features “a layering of images, which creates unique and almost unpredictable effects in their interaction…an overlap of thoughts, memories, desires, and synaesthesia that our mind has been forced to accumulate in a period we never dreamed of living.”

Watch the video for Ash Code’s Fear below:

Ash Code’s Fear EP, coming out on the 19th March,

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