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Darkwave Songstress KANGA Debuts New Single “Rehab” — Announces Next Album “Under Glass”

“Help me, I’ve got no control, but it was really nice to meet you.

I’ve been down this road before, you can feel it, I’m in need of a friend.

I know that I should feel bad, but I don’t want to go to rehab.”

Darkwave songstress KANGA has announced the impending arrival of her much-anticipated album, Under Glass, which shall shatter into existence on the 6th of October, courtesy of Artoffact Records. Garnishing this splendid bulletin is debut of her pulse-quickening new single “Rehab.”

A symphony imbued with sonorous intrigue, KANGA’s “Rehab” exists in the twilight realm where categorization fades into irrelevance, its labyrinthine melody stretching and pulling the flexible limits of genre. It is a harmonious paradox, a captivating intermingling of electric pop’s bright jolts and the cold, echoing reverberations of darkwave – it is KANGA’s symphony blooming in spectral beauty.

KANGA, a siren of the shadowy peripheries, seductively dips her musical compositions into the throbbing darkness of dance beats and the shimmering, starlit pools of pop. This creative sensibility extends to “Rehab” – a track that doesn’t shy away from the darkness but instead dances within it. It is a deep, introspective dive into a personal crisis, meticulously transformed into an EBM-laced track fused with intimate, lyrical missives.

In the hypnotic rhythm of “Rehab,” listeners can find themselves willingly lost, taken by KANGA’s hand, and led into an exploration of the self that also invokes the intoxicating freedom of the dancefloor.

KANGA’s creative strength is taking something personal and potentially isolating and turning it into a shared, cathartic experience that pulses with the heartbeat of her music. “Rehab” exhibits KANGA’s exponentially blossoming knack for fusing gripping narratives into her music, and turning the latter into a magnifying glass held against the human experience. These introspective tunes are so much more than just songs – they are KANGA’s confessional diary entries set to music, encapsulating raw, relatable emotions in a harmony that reverberates with the audience.

Listen to “Rehab” below and preorder Under Glass here

A year’s journey, skimming across the concert venues of Europe and America, has carved a new path for KANGA. Fresh from this whirlwind of experiences, she has ensconced herself within the cocoon of the recording studio, weaving together notes and lyrics that herald a shift in her creative trajectory. In concert with the inventive duo, producers Josh Franks and Dave Adrounie, her potent style has metamorphosed. What once was a commanding roar now echoes as a poignant, poetic whisper – a heartfelt ode spun into song for her devotees.

For a first taste of her evolved sound, KANGA shared Magnolia last fall, combining complex melodies, atmospheric overtones, and emotional allegories wrapped up by KANGA’s signature catchy hooks. Its elevation marks a pivotal moment in KANGA’s discography, opening itself up to a broader audience of listeners who will soon be entranced by a full album’s worth of sultry storytelling.

An LA-based producer, musician, and celebrated songwriter, KANGA’s music has been included in the hit game Cyberpunk 2077, and the horror film Terrifier II.  KANGA’s unique brand of underground dance-pop has been one of the hottest-tipped tickets since her 2016 debut record. Embraced by the darkwave, emo, and heavy metal communities alike, KANGA’s singles have been streamed millions of times, and she has shared stages with the likes of Gary Numan, The Black Queen, Uniform, and Kælan Mikla, and more.

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