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The Sleep of Reason — Belgian Darkwave Duo Ultra Sunn Debut New Single “Broken Monsters,” and Announce Signing to Artoffact Records

Captivating the world of EBM/Coldwave, Belgium’s ULTRA SUNN is stepping into a transformative phase in their artistic journey, announcing their exciting new alliance with the esteemed TorontoArtoffact Records. Coinciding with this announcement is the release of the duo’s dynamic new single “Broken Monsters.

In this haunting synth-fueled track, the songwriters delve deep into the human psyche, navigating the turbulent waters of desire for liberation shackled by unseen binds. The tension between the desire to escape and the paralyzing inability to do so is palpable, evoking a struggle that requires every ounce of resilience amidst the darkest hours. The reiteration of “broken monsters” serves as a powerful metaphor for the insidious fears and haunting traumas that lurk ominously in the shadows. These hidden ‘beasts’ embody the profound reality of how personal struggles are often skillfully camouflaged, frequently by design. The narrative laid bare in the lyrics is one of raw and deeply moving self-exploration, battling unseen demons, and the arduous road to self-liberation, under the relentless scrutiny of an unforgiving society.

When asked about the new single, the band has stated: “Broken Monsters is a powerful hymn telling us that we tend to project to ourselves our own monsters and the demons around us. Since they take up all of the space, we tend to focus on them while the real monsters are those that seem discreet and sleepy. By this, we express that we must remain vigilant, not be blinded by our own fears and preconceptions, the sleep of reason breeds monsters. The quest for a brighter world is far from over.”

Listen to “Broken Monsters” below:

The Brussels pair, ULTRA SUNN, captivated hearts with their chart-topping single, “Keep Your Eyes Peeled,” amassing a dedicated fandom while gracing stages across Europe, North and South America. Their work illustrates a craving for contemporaneity, echoing in their themes, audial expressions, and team-ups with the likes of Kontravoid, Kris Baha, Zanias, Curses, Sarin, all while reverently nodding to the roots of classic EBM and Belgian electronic tunes.

Upon their formation, the band swiftly found their place alongside the industry’s titans like Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, DAF, A Split Second, and others. Sam’s voice, as deep and mysterious as a moonless night, weaves into Gaelle’s meticulously arranged orchestra of analog synthesizers and industrial drum machinery. Their work embodies their love for the fine arts, fashion, and the electrifying spirit of Coldwave, New Beat, and fresh EBM. As observers of their era, ULTRA SUNN generates vibrant, dance-inducing anthems that preach self-growth, resistance against anxiety, and champion gender equality.

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