Dark wave project VV and the Void has unveiled their video for the slow pulsing track “Idol Worship”, a hauntingly seductive song whose accompanying visuals are soaked in German expressionism  and Jungian symbolism.

Watch the video below:

About new single “Idol Worship”, Valentina says:

“This song was inspired by German classic expressionist film Der Golem that has always been an influence on my imagery not only for the striking visual style but also for its symbolism and magic references.
A clay statue is brought to life in order to save our soul that screams for protection from a cruel world, but ends up turning against his master nearly destroying him.
Idol Worship is the soundtrack for our own golem creation ritual, a golem that is our mirror, a projection of ourselves that is visible when we look into water, a shadow that can get out of control.”

Valentina Veil started VV & The Void in Melbourne, Australia and quickly gained the attention of followers, music writers, and producers in the international and underground music scene worldwide.

After signing with LA based label Cleopatra Records, they released their first full-length album The Upper Room in May of 2018. Valentina Veil has written, recorded, and produced the album that was mixed by Lindsay Gravina (The Birthday Party, Swervedriver) at Birdland Studios, in Melbourne, Australia.

Following The Upper Room’s release,  VV & The Void opened select European dates with Chameleons Vox.

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