Ferrarilover announces a “gothic fairytale” in “Barely Black”, an ethereal darkwave anthem exploring the world of androgyny and gender-bending. Part of a trilogy of versions, Barely Black joins the spaced-out vocal track “Wild Abandon”, both out this freezing Black Friday. Barely Black is a howling, swirling guitar-driven fever dream, with its distortions leaving us wondering what dimension we’ve popped into.

With these new tracks, Ferrarilover, aka Nico Wyland, addresses massive life shifts regarding kundalini awakening, blossoming gender identity, and addiction recovery. “I’ve been to the underworld and back,” says Wyland. “It has been a year beyond the surreal.”

With elements of Clan of Xymox, Chapterhouse, my bloody valentine, and Slowdive, Ferrarilover means this literally, putting a new spin on the ethereal and the otherworldly. This is the music of a return from an epiphany, with a sense of purpose.

Watch the eerie self-directed video below:

DRAACOOL, due out Spring-Summer 2022 on vinyl via Wyland’s imprint Ace Of Spades Recordings, will include the vocal tracks from the Barely Black EP. The album as masters by Adrian Morgan at Timeless Mastering.  Part dark ambient “goth chillout,” part driving ethereal darkwave, the album deals with themes of life and death, true love and romance, the real and the unreal, and the inherent nature of the order of things. A near-death experience for Wyland resulted in a deep introspection, emerging from the life-changing trauma of serious injury.

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