Navigating the realms of reason and impulsiveness; a dark plunge into luminous euphoria- ethereal chanteuse Liset Alea (Nouvelle Vague) joins forces with French darkwave producer Distance H. The resulting song, “Reason To Rush”, is a compelling, romantic dream-pop evocation, a love song to desire itself. Alea’s signature vocals float above the intensity of menacing guitars, creating a dichotomy: that sweet spot between wakefulness and sleep, when one is called towards Fate despite all the rational excuses in the way. In that liminal space, there is no resistance: time stops, bends, stretches…and finally, rushes.

The video clip, directed by Hugo Bréant and Anaïs Novembre and starring Marine Cateland and David Fitt, illustrates this burning flame within one’s soul. The video features closeups of anxious roaming, sensual writhing, manic dance – and finally, quiet contentment in reunion. A lovely short film.

Watch below:

Originally born in Cuba, Liset Alea is best known as the former lead singer of Nouvelle Vague. She has primarily penned songs as a writer for EMI; she also has licensed numerous tracks for film.  As a vocalist, Liset Alea has collaborated with Rodriguez Jr., Patrick Topping and Audiojack, as well as co-producing a personal album, “Heart-Headed,” with Nouvelle Vague producer Marc Collin. She’s taking her long-running musical partnership with Rodriguez Jr. to the next level, preparing an album for 2023 as well as an intimate solo EP.

Distance H, aka Parisian producer ManuH, finds his niche collaboarting with assorted female vocalists, each bringing their own energy to the project’s shadowy melancholic style. His dark, enticing musical universe embodies post-punk, dark wave, cold wave, ethereal, and shoegaze, sometimes borrowing some more electronic-driven beats.

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