Now nothing is sacred
We’re fighting all the time
Victims of our own hand, not a power that’s divine

The beautiful and captivating Bara Hari returns with the latest video and single from her forthcoming Lesser Gods LP, entitled “Violence Rising.” The song is a tale of resignation and surrender…of one’s own ego, as one comes to terms with the fact that their self-proclaimed righteousness may actually be just as biased as the views of the opposer.

Singer-songwriter Sam Franco writes, records, and produces herself out of her studio in Los Angeles, weaving raw vulnerability into tight, driving productions in a style akin to Florence + the Machine, iamamiwhoami, and Marina. Franco creates her elabourate costumes and set pieces for her music; a visionary building detailed fantasy worlds like David Lynch and Annie Lennox.

The accompanying cinematic video illustrates this with a stunning portrayal of a virtuous queen who falls from grace, meets her demise, and is transformed into the very wolf she feared. This video’s fantasy bend, costuming, and Franco’s exaggerated pantomime brings to mind early silent films, particularly those with vampy divas: her namesake Theda Bara, Valeska Suratt, and Gloria Swanson.

Watch the video for “Violence Rising” below:

Indeed, Bara Hari is an amalgamation of 1910s vamps Theda Bara and Mata Hari, stars of stage and screen…and in Hari’s case, WW1 espionage. Bara Hari’s eclectic inspirations span the gamut of dark pop, synth-pop, industrial pop, electro-pop, darkwave, and goth.

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