Midnight Dubs was born out of the minds behind Stranded and High Marks, re-imagining the original songs from Stranded’s 2021 album Midnight Sun.

Stranded is an Atlanta-based artist that has worked with Optimo and Homage Records, coming off of a slew of EPs and his first LP coming out last year on Double Phantom Records. High Marks is an Oregon producer on K Records, who also records under the monikers Persistent Midnight and Stickfigure Recordings.

He sees these mixes as important as the originals: “Stranded is a long-time fan of the Massive Attack vs Mad Professor mixes as well; therefore, it was an exciting project to tackle and relinquish the songs to High Marks to give them a darker but machine funk identity filled with greater atmospherics and low ends.”

The lead-off song, Vestiges (Midnight Expression Dub), utilizes sparse guitars and bass interacting with layered rhythms pummeling forward. A Testimony (Sevendoors Hotel mix)  follows a more industrial chugging path that’s more stripped down. Wayward Haunted (Revoks Blues Edit) moves on 4/4 machine rhythm with chorus guitars and spacey vocals overlapping the lot, while Hesitation (Ronnie’s Shack singles cut) moves again at that slower pace with sparse instrumentation and heavy low-end. We hear the influences of Suicide, Movement-era New Order, Fad Gadget, and Tones On Tail.

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