Toronto-based songwriter Cory Gorski delves into the world of dark pop with a new single and self-directed video, “The Math Between Us”, a song from his project A Perfect Error’s new album Midnight Wire. The minimalist track has shades of early Human League and Kraftwerk mixed with the pleading vocals of Nine Inch Nails, weaving the sounds of a Volt 9000 and cyberpunk dramatic flair.

A Perfect Error fixates on the notion of catchy music filtered through the lens of the obscure and distorted.

“The idea is to write music that can bridge the gap between moody and mainstream…to be current but unconventional,” says Gorski. “Not an easy task but one that can be rewarding when done right.”

The video is a fabulous performance, charmingly DIY and as minimalist as the song itself – straightforward with no fuss.

“The song is an experiment in minimalism and modular synthesis. I wanted to see how much space I could leave with as little Eurorack bleeps and bloops as needed, while still keeping a verse-chorus-verse structure.”

Watch below:

“The Math Between Us” is out now via Re:Mission Entertainment.

You can stream the track below, and order the album Midnight Wire here.

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