I never know
How to face myself
When I’m alone

French electronic outfit Minuit Machine announces a gorgeous new music video for their new single, “Lion in a Cage”, out today via Synth Religion. The disrupted, emotional, and addictive track is off their forthcoming new LP, to be released on November 4th.

Minuit Machine by Linda Trime

For this hypnotic song, members Hélène de Thoury (instrumental) and Amandine Stioui (vocals) weave together a subtle mix of moving voices, poignant synth lines, and deep electronic beats. Lion In A Cage sees Hélène and Amandine make a deep dive into their past, present and future; sorting out all these unspoken, haunting, and disturbing thoughts.

“It will make you wanna dance your heart out to express all the rage, passion, and angst you have inside of you,” says the band.

The accompanying video, directed by Simone Pellegrini, depicts a futuristic showdown between the light and shadow selves, breaking out of the boxes in which we find ourselves. The internal battle of emotion; the external battle of the body, forever locked in fisticuffs.

Watch the video below:

Minuit Machine will be touring North America beginning in October, kicking things off in Tampa Florida, making stops in Nashville, Atlanta, New Orleans, LA, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, and Toronto, among many more. Joining Helene and Amandine on select dates throughout the itinerary will be L, Panterah, Void Vision, and SYZYGYX.

See the full dates and lineups below.

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