Bay Area dark post-punk three piece Ötzi are sharing with us the video for “Hounds”, a track featured on the band’s 2017 debut album Ghosts.

The video depicts a solitary girl playing with imaginary friends, interspersed with footage of the group members paying homage to Hecate, the ancient goddess of night, witchcraft and crossroads.

“The song is about disappointment, but it’s also about the discovery of personal power,” explains Ötzi’s Akiko Sampson, who wrote the lyrics and directed the video.

“In the video, I wanted to explore power and powerlessness in feminine roles. The childlike main character survives neglect with her imagination and hope. But in the end, she stops waiting—for love, for respect, for acceptance. She moves forward, becomes her own goddess, and determines her own fate.”

Watch the video below:

Ötzi’s are set to release a Part Time Punk’s session on a new, limited edition tape of four tracks entitled “Part Time Punks Sessions”, recorded and archived by the Part Time Punks club night and KXLU radio show in Los Angeles. In addition to the new workings of known Ötzi songs, it will also include the brand new single, “Ballad of Oiwa.”

Meanwhile the band are about to embark on a Europe, during which they are scheduled to play at Wrocław’s Return to the Batcave Festival with Pink Turns Blue and Screaming Dead.

“Bat-Cave Productions”, who organize the festival, have released Ghosts in Europe.

We’ve been talking with them about playing this fest for over a year,” says Ötzi drummer Gina Marie. “We’re beyond excited.”

Tour Dates:

  • Thurs Oct 4 Barcelona (Asociación Freedonia)
  • Fri Oct 5 Zaragoza (Arrebato)
  • Sun Oct 7 Grenoble (La Baf)
  • Mon Oct 8 Zurich (Boschbar)
  • Tues Oct 9 Nuremberg (Projekt 31)
  • Wed Oct 10 Warsaw (Młodsza Siostra)
  • Fri Oct 12 Wroclaw Return to the Batcave Fest
  • Sun Oct 14 Leipzig (Zoro)
  • Mon Oct 15 Berlin (Koma f @ Köpi)
  • Tues Oct 16 Bremen (Kultur im Bunker)
  • Wed Oct 17 Ghent (Kinky Star)
  • Thurs Oct 18 Paris (Le Cirque Electrique)
  • Fri 19 Oct Bordeaux Batcave Fest(New Chicho)
  • Sat 20 Oct Barcelona (Roquetes)

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