Dark electronic trio MATTE BLVCK have faith in themselves with their visualizer video clip for the single “Monumental”, a dark industrial-synth-pop track sonically resembling the melodies found on Depeche Mode’s 1997 album Ultra.

On the song’s themes, the band explains:

“Monumental, a song about spirituality versus the ingestion of organized religion. Touching on the topic of growing up in a religious culture and its toxic affects. An upbringing structured to give a sense of guilt, shame, and negative reinforcement on one’s true identity. Monumental takes you through a dark tunnel with its tough grinding beats, ethereal undertones, and dark corners. Only to propel you to an emerging light with sounds of bliss and weightlessness. Gonzales’s vocals emit melodies in a dichotomy between pain and a vulnerability towards finding a resolution “ there is a way to feel the sun, high…. “

Watch the video for “Monumental” below:

After years of performing in groups such as Julien K, The New Division, Moving Units, while also cooperating with heavy hitters such as DJ Ten and Timecop1983, MATTE BLVCK have emerged from the dark unexplored corners of the San Diego underground to produce their debut LP—a tenebrous record that takes influence from various components of the bands they have operated with while creatively moving beyond them.

The trio’s debut LP I’M WAVING, NOT DROWNING is set for release this autumn.

Meanwhile, you can download “Monumental” here.

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