Ahead of Icelandic darkwave trio Kælan Mikla next short excursion around Europe, the band has unveiled their Blair Witch inspired video for the title track from their recent album Nótt eftir nótt—our choice for album of the year 2018.

Of the song, which features a special guest collaborator Bang Gang, the girls explain:

“We wrote Nótt eftir nótt, the title song from our latest album, with our friend Barði from BangGang. He recorded the song and plays guitar on it.

The album itself is partly an expression of homesickness which we have been feeling recently after a lot of touring and living abroad and also very inspired by Icelandic folklore and atmosphere. But its main theme is the night, secrets that lurk in the shadows, the witching hour and that strange place between dreams and reality. This song is the peak of the album, where everything comes together. And you lie in bed, stuck between a nightmare and reality, drown in the shadows around you that start to grow bigger and move closer to you.”

On working with Kælan Mikla on the track, Barði Jóhannsson adds:

“It was a such a pleasure to work with the talented Kælan Mikla. As a vampire I also come from a similar universe. We come from 20 hours of darkness and hide when there is light. My goth roots are embraced to the fullest when working with those pure talents.”

Watch the video below:

Nótt eftir nótt  is out now, pick up a copy here.

Catch Kælan Mikla on tour throughout Europe starting Thursday in Prague. The band will are also playing Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig this June.

  • 09/05 CZ Prague Live Europe
  • 10/05 RU St. Petersburg Opera
  • 11/05 RU Moscow Aglomerat
  • 12/05 LIT Vilnius XI20
  • 14/05 ITA Padova Nadir
  • 15/05 ITA Bologna Freakout
  • 16/05 ITA Roma Wishlist Club
  • 18/05 GR   Athens The Temple
  • 30/05 RU Perm Diaghilev Festival
  • 09/06 DE Leipzig WGT
  • 24/06 NO Harstad Arctic Arts Festival
  • 12/07 ITA Santarcangelo Santarcangelo Festival
  • 13/07 FRA Montmartin sur Mer Chauffer dans la noirceur
  • 15/08 BE Amougies W-FEST
  • 25/08 UK Bradford         Infest Festival
  • 10/10 FIN Helsinki         Blowup Vol. 5

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