Spooky season may be over, but we’re always ready for some chills down our spines! The dark electronic solo project of composer/producer Rani Sharone, Thrillsville, delivers the goods with the catchy “Creeps In The House”. Following up their Say Goodbye to the Light EP released late 2020, Thrillsville is unleashing the beast with this one.

While the typical spooky-scary “bumps in the night” imagery is invoked in the lyrics, the eerie music brings to mind night thunderstorms while reading Goosebumps books with a flashlight; of a Bride of Boogedy showing on cable TV; of a double-dog dare to spend the WHOLE night at the ol’ Simmons Mansion.’ Creeps In The House is great fun…and just this side of camp. A horror movie set to dance music is just what we need right now, with a side of Goth, Industrial Rock, and EBM.

“Working on Creeps in the House took me to a place I liked being,” says Sharone. “It evoked nostalgic feelings and proved to me just how much I love to write ghost stories to dance music with heavy guitars and lots of sound design! I just may do more of these…Be afraid.”

Oh, we’re prepared, be it wielding a big bowl of Scooby snacks for movie night…or a vampire-hunting stake!

Rani Sharone is known for his dark cabaret/experimental rock band, Stolen Babies. If this track seems cinematic, it’s because  Sharone has collaborated and performed with Puscifer, and TV/film composer Tyler Bates.

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