It’s a new type of ghost,
with an abused type of host,
it sneaks a loose kind of choke,
then tightens the noose around your throat,
despite the truth we all must hope

Phoenix, AZ’s Simulated Youth is haunting the world with his compelling new three-track EP, Ghost In The Machine. It is difficult to classify the unique structure of the titular track, but the artist describes it as “dark cyberpunk rap” overlaid with eerie darkwave synths.

The blistering paranoia of the song comes at you lightning-fast in a garbled voice, the sound of Big Brother barking orders; the deafening din of 24-hour news, and the soundtracks of endless video games through tinny phone speakers. The ghost is everywhere, tracking your every move: an anthem for the ages, the frenetic synthesizer backing hovers just this side of danceable. Unlike other offerings from Ghost In The Machine and its mastermind, Zach, the track is more of an atmospheric psychological crisis than a trippy club bop.

To drive their song themes, Simulated Youth employs aggressive breaks, ethereal drops, and creative arrangements, balancing the emotion of the track between bright and dark. Simulated Youth is also a fan of international collaborations: Opti Rob also performs this track in Dutch (De Afwachting – De Bevestiging) and Оптимизм performs a version in Russian.

Rife with chaotic breaks, ethereal drops, and clever arrangements, and boasting a sound evoking Alice Glass, Bjork, Catnapp, The Knife, Aphex Twin, and Die Antwoord, Simulated Youth balances the emotion of the track between light and dark.

On a personal note, Simulated Youth is committed to cat and dog welfare across the world, and ending their meat trade.

Watch the video for Ghost In the Machine, created by Jerry Louis, below:

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