Italian artist and producer Paolo Virdis is kicking off 2021 on the right foot, as he returns to release his third single of the year: Walk Away To Die Another Day, a delightfully spooky darkwave and techno anthem.

The instrumental track has the aesthetic of the Tom Baker-era Doctor landing the TARDIS in a rave club: the song immediately transports listeners to an alternate dimension with its pulsating dark rhythms, explosive synths, and atmospheric percussion. This is the music of strange, dystopian lands, swimming in dark atmosphere and brooding intent. It is sinister and abstract, with a killer hook and eerie sci-fi laser effects.

Paolo Virdis’ talent is elegantly spelled out throughout the entire production. Walk Away To Die Another Day is part of Paolo’s upcoming EP, set to release in April.

Based in Turin, Italy but right at home with Detroit techno, Paolo Virdis takes inspiration from the work of artists such as Nine Inch Nails, Drexciya and Kraftwerk.

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